We now supply Hal-Moo-Mee from Blue Sky Cheese

Hal-Moo-Mee is a delicious halloumi style cheese, handmade in Lincolnshire, using locally sourced milk. It has a buttery and rich flavour, and is perfect for summer bbqs or frying to accompany a summer salad.

We stock Eric’s Frozen Pizzas

Eric’s Pizza specialises in hand stretched Neapolitan pizza made fresh on site. Dough is made to a traditional recipe, using 00 flour and fermented slowly. It uses organic, non-pesticide local wheat/pulse blend of flour to slightly elevate the protein levels. This gives the yeast enough food to grow slowly over a longer period of time. The fermentation process takes 48 hours because it is cooled, or what is known as ‘retarded’, before it is brought slowly back to 21ºC, ready for hand stretching.

These are authentic Italian pizzas combining ingredients from local suppliers and the finest Italian produce.

No.1 Margherita

No.2 Napoli salami & spiced honey

No.3 garlic pizza

Must be ordered in cases of 5.

Introducing Blue Monday Cheese

This is a rich pasteurised, sophisticated blue cows milk cheese created by Alex James, former band member of Blur, turned cheesemaker. Blue Monday has a faintly sweet, intensely savoury, spicy and rich complex flavour. The cheese has bold cracks and blue streaks with a thin natural rind.