Christmas 2022

**Roger Holme Bringing you fine food this Christmas**

Snowdonia Cheese
Black Bomber (Extra Mature) 200g 
Red Storm (Aged Red Leicester) 200g 
Green Thunder (with Garlic & Herbs) 200g 
Red Devil (Red Leicester with Chilli) 200g
Ginger Spice (with Ginger Chunks) 200g
Amber Mist (Laced with Whisky) 200g
Pickle Power (Chunks of Pickled Onion) 200g
Bouncing Berry (Juicy Cranberries) 200g
Smoked Snowdonia (Naturally Smoked) 200g
Black Bomber 2kg
Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar 190g
Barbers Mature Truckle 200g
Ford Farm Cheddar and Truffle 200g
Smoked Cheddar 200g
Wensleydale and Cranberry 200g
White Stilton and Apricot 200g
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar 200g
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Goats 200g
Baron Bigod 250g
Baron Bigod with Truffle 200g
Binham Blue Truckle 500g
Lincolnshire Poacher 200g
Lincolnshire Poacher (Oak Smoked) 200g
Lincolnshire Poacher Red 200g
Norfolk Dapple 200g
Norfolk Dapple Smoked 200g
Norfolk White Lady 170g

Shepherds Purse (Artisan Cheese) 
Buffalo Blue 100g Wedge 
Harrogate Blue 180g Wedge 
Buffalo Blue 750g Half Moon 
Harrogate Blue 750 g Half Moon

Ardennes 1kg
Mushroom 1kg
Brussels 1kg
Garlic 1kg
Duck & Orange 1kg
Venison 1kg
Chicken 1kg
Wild Boar 1kg
Pheasant 1kg

Pate Slice
Pheasant 125g
Venison 125kg
Wild Boar 125kg
Decorative Chinese Pate Bowls
Ardennes 180g
Brussels 180g
Duck & Orange 180g
Garlic 180g

Greek Marinade 220g
Sundried Tomato Stuffed 220g
Red Pepper Stuffed 220g
Garlic Marinade 220g
Chilli Marinade 220g
Cheese and Pate will be available from Mid November

Ambry Free Range Turkey Bacon (Beechwood Smoked)
Turkey Bacon 12 x 150g
Turkey Bacon 1kg Packs

Small Hand Raised Wrapped 1's Off
Large Hand Raised Wrapped 1's Off
Bakers Range Pork Pie Medium Flat Top Wrapped 1's Off
Small Hand Raised Unwrapped Box of 10
Large Hand Raised Unwrapped Box of 10
Hand Raised Pork Pie 2lb
Bakers Range Pork Pie Medium Flat Top Box of 12
Bakers Range Buffet Pork Pie Box of 30
Bakers Range Pork Pie 4lb
Ascot Pork Pie 6lb
Gala Pork Pie with Egg 6lb
Bakers Range Pork, Turkey, Ham & Cranberry 4lb
Bakers Range Pork, Cheese & Pickle 4lb
Bakers Range Pork, Chicken & Ham 4lb
Chicken & Ham 1lb
Turkey & Ham 1lb
Turkey & Cranberry 1lb
Turkey & Cranberry 5lb

Mince Pies 
Handmade Deep Filled Mince Pies Box of 20
Bakers Range Deep Dish Mince Pies Box of 27 
Mince Pies Box of 6
Pies will be delivered from 20th December (Please note last orders for pies 23rd November)