Pointens Dairy Products

Roger Holme Foods are now suppliers of Pointens Yoghurts and Ice Cream. Pointens dairies have been producing their products at their farm in North Norfolk since 1984 This family farm is run on very traditional lines with an emphasis on high welfare standards. The farm is as near organic as possible, but with a small acreage a small amount of artificial fertilizer is added.
Ice Cream 1ltr & 5ltr Tubs

Item Weight
Raspberry 1ltr
Raspberry 5ltr
Chocolate 1ltr
Chocolate 5ltr
Strawberry 1ltr
Strawberry 5ltr
Vanilla 1ltr
Vanilla 5ltr
Mint Chocolate Chip 1ltr
Mint Chocolate Chip 5ltr
Blueberry & Vanilla 1ltr
Blueberry & Vanilla 5ltr
Toffee 1ltr
Toffee 5ltr
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Individual Tubs

*prices exc. VAT and must be added